Just Do It

Life is hard when you don't know how to proceed. Feeling stuck or suffocated is something I cannot handle in any capacity. Life is too short to waste time on negativity, unhappiness and confusion. Although one could argue, that is what makes life so dynamic. Nothing can be perfect. Nothing goes the way you expect. Nothing worth having is easy.

This is why finding someone who is "right" for you is so difficult. And this is why I'm beginning to think that online dating, while highly amusing and ofttimes hilarious, is not really the way things should work for me. I'm a bright, pretty, outgoing woman of considerable charm and personality. I'm a communicator and not exactly what you would call shy. I can meet people anywhere I go if I want to. I'm not expecting to be swept off my feet like with my previous relationship (I honestly never thought that could happen), but in meeting someone you can tell very quickly if anything will come of it or not.

I feel somewhat sad for guys who I meet once and have no desire to meet up with again. But then again, why waste anyone's time? I'm still trying to figure out my current situation and it's been very puzzling, yet I'm trying to just go with it. Sometimes that's all you can do. Putting labels on something and defining, analyzing and discussing it into the ground can be so damaging to both parties involved, plus, it doesn't really do any good. Especially for someone like me who has no clue where life will take them.

Just tryin' to take one day at a time! Wish me luck!

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