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Shameful Shenanigans

This weekend was fun with a side of rough, but I actually learned some things and educational, reality check moments are always fun. And perhaps these are things I already knew, but they were on my mind.  Here there are, in no particular order:

1.) People do stupid shit. It's a fact.
2.) The stupid shit can sometimes make you experience feelings of guilt or shame. It's completely normal, but nothing to beat yourself up over.
3.) There is nothing wrong with having a drunken night of fun and waking up in someone's bed. Most people have done it. My friends reassured me I'm normal and should be proud of myself for the shenanigans of the weekend.
4.) Doing cartwheels drunk is not a good idea. Refer to point #1.
5.) Apparently I talk about my ex boyfriends a lot. But when I'm single and dating, I compare the new guys to the old ones. So get over it, Sloan ;)
6.) When I'm single (and even when I'm not), I focus too much on wanting to find the right guy. There is n…

Just Do It

Humble readers, it's been a while and I apologize. I have been focusing on some personal issues and wasn't ready to write until now. This post is dedicated to a wonderful lady who I love and thank for all her support! :)

Last night I talked to my friend about men and my experiences with online dating. Ofttimes it is a perplexing labyrinth of mixed signals and lackluster messages. Why did a guy in California write to me to tell me I'm the hottest girl in Phoenix and then in subsequent messages act enigmatic? I don't understand why someone who is not in your area would write to you. Maybe if you're coming to visit and want to hook up? But just out of the blue like that? A compliment is a compliment, I suppose. Why did a guy write to me and ask the intelligent question "Want cock?". Clearly he did not read my profile. He just liked my alluring pictures and wanted to, in the common vernacular, hit me up. But then I started it so wrong for a guy …

Giggle Gals

Never underestimate the power of a cute guy. At work, a new employee caused quite a stir. A bunch of adult women, all of whom are married, were reduced to a gaggle of gigglers. I was also caught up in the good looks and easy charm, and it turns out he's actually an incredibly nice man who has lived an interesting life. However, he is married and has 4 kids. Of course. He and his wife started very young - he was 23, she was 21. He said that he will be 49 when his youngest turns 20. He and his wife will be able to retire young and enjoy the rest of their lives together living in comfort. How do people so young seem to have their shit together like that?

I think it's because they're LDS (or was it LSD?). You're raised a certain way, you fit into a certain mold. You go on missions, get married, make babies and live a cookie cutter lifestyle. Although, after talking to the gentleman at length, I realized his life sounded nothing at all like a cookie cutter life. I guess it&…

Go Fish

A few gems for your amusement from the recent POF vault...

7/29/2012 12:15:28 AM
"Damn you are sexy, wish you were here in my arms........"
(after no response)
8/1/2012 11:25:54 AM
"Wish you were in my arms as I slowly kiss you"

Is that how it works? Thanks for spelling it out for me. Douche.

7/30/2012 7:11:50 PM
"Dam u r sezy"

If you knew how to spell maybe I'd say thank you. But you're a massive, lazy tool. 

7/31/2012 2:05:51 AM
"Oui! Vive la France! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!!!"
(the caption to my sexy picture reads "I felt like a French stewardess for some reason. Vive la France!")

Apparently he lived in France but I'm pretty sure Google was involved. I thought I had found a génie. 

I suppose I should feel bad for showing my friends at work the messages and laughing hysterically to the point of almost crying. Sigh. This is why after a few weeks of this shit, I bail. Although it is just so funny.