Shameful Shenanigans

This weekend was fun with a side of rough, but I actually learned some things and educational, reality check moments are always fun. And perhaps these are things I already knew, but they were on my mind.  Here there are, in no particular order:

1.) People do stupid shit. It's a fact.
2.) The stupid shit can sometimes make you experience feelings of guilt or shame. It's completely normal, but nothing to beat yourself up over.
3.) There is nothing wrong with having a drunken night of fun and waking up in someone's bed. Most people have done it. My friends reassured me I'm normal and should be proud of myself for the shenanigans of the weekend.
4.) Doing cartwheels drunk is not a good idea. Refer to point #1.
5.) Apparently I talk about my ex boyfriends a lot. But when I'm single and dating, I compare the new guys to the old ones. So get over it, Sloan ;)
6.) When I'm single (and even when I'm not), I focus too much on wanting to find the right guy. There is no such thing. I'm young, attractive and intelligent; the guys wills come to me. I need to focus on my life.

Basically I'm trying not to take things so seriously. I was scheduled to have 3 dates this weekend and I'm enjoying myself so far. The first date was a guy who happened to come into the office randomly to do an environmental assessment of the building. I had some help, but secured his number and we met for coffee. Cute, nice, ASU grad student. Date #2 was last night. I met him at our local dive bar earlier in the week (he was until recently my neighbor). The guy is pretty mellow and I went over to his new place, we hit up a few bars and hung out with friends. I wound up being so drunk I decided on the walk home I would do some cartwheels in the park and spent the night at his place. I got a bit carried away but I had a good time. For some reason I'm not regretting what I did. This is good. Perhaps I'm progressing. Date #3 was supposed to take me to dinner tonight to the Barrio Cafe which I was so excited about but he canceled. Some friend drama. It's for the best. I'm feeling rough. I slept maybe 4 hours according to Date #2 and woke up with my left arm tingling, a huge bruise on my right palm and a gnarly hangover. I'm calling them battle wounds.

I enjoy these stories so much and I love sharing them with my friends. Eventually I'll learn to tone it down a bit but I haven't gone out and drank like that in a while. I was in the mood last night (and it helps when your date is buying you drinks). But we'll see what happens. I'm not going to stress myself out about guys. It's not worth it. Dates #1 and 2 said they would see me again, Date #3 asked for a rain check, so I'm just going to play it by ear. In the mean time, I need to figure what to wear to work tomorrow because a huge group of sales reps (pretty much all guys) from the company are coming to the office for a week long boot camp. I better look good! (Note to self: Refer to point #6).

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