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Fools Rush In

I have decided to permanently abstain from the online dating world after many attempts on various sites and bouts of boredom. However, some of my friends still wade through the bull in an effort to find a decent date. I sincerely wish them all the best. I can say that online dating may not have provided me a soul mate but it certainly provided fodder for my story bank. As I mentioned in my previous post, I meet lots of men out and about in the great city of Chicago so I don't get too bored for too long. I have been saved.

Today's post comes from a dear friend of mine: the lovely Ms. Patrizia. She has graciously allowed me to use her story on my blog because it's just too good.

The setup: Patrizia is a busy girl. She works long hours, works out, goes out - a typical, single 20 something lifestyle. She has an OkCupid profile and will respond to the gentlemen who have written her a well thought out message (one liners like "hey, beautiful" don't really warrant a…

Call Me Maybe

Humble Readers,

I realize I have been a total slacker! I have been way into my Yelping, writing reviews, checking in and sending and receiving compliments like a mother. This is of course a good thing. I'm getting out and exploring "my" city as an adult like never before. This also means I'm meeting lots of people. Some of them male, and some of them are actually interested. And then the usual happens:

1.) The initial chit chat. This is where the once over commences. As you speak to each other, you check out every inch of your conversation partner's body. much as you dare without being a perv. You try to get a feel for them and see if there's a spark. "Hi, how you doin? What's your name? What are you doing here? What do you do? Where do you like to go out? Oh, really? Me too. Can I take you out some time?" Usually the guy is feelin' it in my case. It's me who has to make up her mind.
2.) The exchange of digits. The guy takes yo…