Call Me Maybe

Humble Readers,

I realize I have been a total slacker! I have been way into my Yelping, writing reviews, checking in and sending and receiving compliments like a mother. This is of course a good thing. I'm getting out and exploring "my" city as an adult like never before. This also means I'm meeting lots of people. Some of them male, and some of them are actually interested. And then the usual happens:

1.) The initial chit chat. This is where the once over commences. As you speak to each other, you check out every inch of your conversation partner's body. much as you dare without being a perv. You try to get a feel for them and see if there's a spark. "Hi, how you doin? What's your name? What are you doing here? What do you do? Where do you like to go out? Oh, really? Me too. Can I take you out some time?" Usually the guy is feelin' it in my case. It's me who has to make up her mind.
2.) The exchange of digits. The guy takes your number and calls you. The last names are exchanged. It seems somehow legit now that you have the full name and number, right?
3.) The first texts. Guys never seem to call anymore, do they? So a few texts are tossed back and forth. "Where do you live? What do you like to do? What did you study in school?" A little more probing than the first meeting.
4.) The suggestions to go out. Eventually, whether it's the within the first text conversation or after a few days, the guy suggests something for a date. I usually never make suggestions. Dude asks for MY number, he can take the lead or forget it. Some try to get creative, some go for the typical dinner or drinks or coffee. Whatever the case, you get excited.

Now we have a little variation...
5-1.) The silent treatment. Leading up to the date, you hear very little or nothing from the guy. I never act desperate so I assume a plan is a plan, but a guy should reconfirm, especially if you make plans a few days out. At least that's just me.
5-2.) The date. You go out and have a great time. You make soft plans to meet up again. Read 5-1.

Clearly I'm focusing on the perplexing phenomenon of the good-date-no-follow-up here. This is what makes some people go positively mad (myself included). I had a guy say he would get back to me with places we could meet up. Never heard from him EVER again. Strange. We hadn't even met. So what gives? Cold feet at the last minute? Another girl? An existential epiphany? A sex change? I went on 2 great dates with another guy I met at a bar one night and the whole "why do you have to be so tall?" comment came up a few times. We clicked, had a ton of fun together, but he was so worried about the height. I'm almost 5'10". Yes, tall for a woman. But he was the same height as me. It's not like he was shorter. So do people really care that much about height? I guess so. He never asked me out again. Another guy has been texting me on and off since Valentine's Day. Sometimes he would go 2 weeks in between texting me. I saw him last week and before that it was a month in between. The bloom was off the rose. Seriously? Does he consider that dating? I know he said he didn't have his life together, so my reaction is why even text me and want to meet up? He wasn't getting sex. So maybe he really did like me, but what the hell? I possibly would have dated him had he not waited so long in between. Ugh.

So I'm putting myself out there, giving guys the chance to take me out, being my usual charming self. But I can't seem to keep them right now. I suppose that's all right because it means that guy wasn't the right one. And at least now that I'm living in Chicago I have the opportunity to meet lots of young men. Eventually one will stick around.

P.S. This post is dedicated to Kris from none other than - you guessed it - Yelp. Thanks for your encouragement! Keep on truckin', sista!

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