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The Tale of the Two Teds

One evening, not too long ago, a very beautiful woman named Sharon decided to go out for a night on the town. She visited all of the local hot spots, including one of the most popular venues located in the city center. There was music, dancing and lots of drinking. The drinking made her a bit more bold. Still licking her wounds from a devastating but much necessary break up, her liquid courage fortified her for the long night. She spotted a very tall, dashing, hipster looking gentleman and decided to sit down next to him and strike up a conversation.

"Is this seat taken? My name's Sharon," she said, her eyes sparkling and her smile dazzling. The gentleman responded immediately to her beauty.

"My name's Ted." They shook hands and Sharon knew it was going to be a great night. Her friends and his friends converged into one group, many drinks were consumed and many laughs were enjoyed. The conversation was flowing and at the end of the night, Ted suggested the …

Boring is Good

I'll admit, my last post was a bit vague, but I mean what I say. Flavored condoms are a no-no.

I went to the lady doctor for a routine check up and safe sex was brought up in casual conversation, as it usually is. There were little condom lollipops in all the colors of the rainbow stuck to the wall. I chuckled appreciatively. Then one of the nurses, or perhaps even the doctor herself, mentioned that they had flavored condoms. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint. Word on the street was, Strawberry and Mint were the better options. So I said, "what the hell?" (literally - I said that) and went for a strip of Strawberry and a strip of Mint. The doctor said they would be good until 2016 and I replied I would have no problem using them by them. SHE chuckled appreciatively and maybe (fake?) gagged a little. I went home with these 8 little wonders in my purse and was appropriately curious and a smidge excited to try them out.

However, when the opportunity presented itself,…

Strawberry Mint

New flash! This just in...


That is all.


I stumbled upon a little gem today in my daily internet surfing at work to avoid actually toiling away at my cubicle. Thanks to the Changing Hands Bookstore, conveniently located a little over a mile from my house in Tempe, I discovered that there are men who actually are trying to help women. Why, I don't really know. Dating, relationships and just getting to know people in general has, is and will always be a completely mind boggling process. Unless you are the most honest and open person, you will never truly know what anyone is thinking. You can perhaps get close, but unless Professor Snape is lurking about with a little bottle of clear liquid, I repeat: you will never truly know what is going on in someone's mind. Sometimes I speak what I think is the truth at the moment, but I don't really know what's true. Feelings, emotions, opinions, preferences are as changeable as the weather in Chicago. I constantly change my mind and I know that most people are like this a…

Lennon Lover

It has been a long while since my last post, but what better way to start up again than to commemorate John Lennon's 72nd birthday?

On this very day, 72 years ago, in the midst of a horrific war, John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool, England. Unfortunately he was tragically taken from us too soon, but it is better to have Lennoned and lost, than never to have Lennoned at all.

I absolutely love this man. He was quite the odd one but his music, his writings, his musings and his legend will live on for many years. There's just no denying he had talent. I'm going to spend the day listening to his music and watching a Beatles movie or two in honor of the man I love so dearly. For those of you who share this love, please enjoy the following links. For those of you who don't know much or don't know anything about him, check them out anyway. You won't be sorry!

For your viewing pleasure:
John Lennon's "Imagine"

For your reading pleasure:
John Lennon&#…