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Lost in the Supermarket

Going through the aisles
Too many choices
I catch a glimpse of a golden curl
Once cherished, now a distant memory
I shake my head as if the image in my mind will go away
Up and down the aisles
You see me and decide to approach
You have changed and not for the better
A man was with you who I'd never met
A new devoted companion?
I continue but still we meet several times
After all, everyone needs to eat

*Dreams are so fascinating and many times I wake up and have such a vivid recollection of what my subconscious has cooked up I write it down immediately. In this particular instance, I was in a sleepy stupor and just happened to come out of the haze literally writing this in my mind, line for line. I share it with you now. Thank you for reading,

Old Fashioned Lover Girl

Perhaps I have no grasp of reality - some have accused me of this - but I have pondered lots of relationship issues and this one totally stumps me. If you meet someone, you both click, you start seeing each other regularly and become intimate, after a few weeks, what would most people assume is happening?

I think the appropriate response is to assume that the couple is together and off limits to anyone else; an official relationship designated by the labels of boyfriend and girlfriend (to use the conventional relationship pair - not trying to limit myself but obviously this is what applies to me). Friends of the couple know what it is, strangers in public see it, the couple knows it's fitting and practical. You're not just seeing each other or just dating, it's moved beyond that. You're in a relationship. You tell others you have a partner, you don't just act enigmatic or ambiguous on the subject of relationships or dating.

I'm not suggesting this is a HUGE dea…

U Really Got A Hold On Me

In a Smokey kinda mood today so I decided to dedicate this post to all the "U's" out there. A classic clip from Sesame Street, a show I know many of us grew up watching.

And here's my favorite version of the original song, lyrics and music written by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, but here performed by none other than the fabulous Beatles. Sometimes the simplest songs can reflect perfectly how you feel. Enjoy!


It's 3am.
You give up.
You say I'm not worth it.
I just shrug, no tears to shed.

I go for a walk on this gray, misty morning.
The icy wind stings my face.
I am numb.

I dreamt about you last night.
You were hiding in bed as I walked through your door.
We talked and held each other after you made your presence known.
A man and a woman interrupted our conversation.
They were cleaning.

I wake up in a haze.
Maybe I have given up, too.
The icy wind stings my face.
I am numb.

Puppy Love

First post of the new year. Thanks for sticking with me, everyone. I'm still in my transitional phase. Moving, holidays, job hunting - sure makes one tired and not have any time or energy for fun things!

Last night, and unfortunately most nights, I couldn't fall asleep. I was lying in bed, covers wrapped round my head and sighing heavily, wishing sleep, that elusive mistress, would take me for a few hours off to slumberland. My thoughts turned to that certain someone who would have wrapped his arms around me and told me everything would be all right. Alas, he is many miles away, but luckily before my thoughts turned to ones of despair, I realized I had a little ball of joy right there next to me. My dog!

All curled up in her purple fleece blanket, all ten pounds of her, my Chin-Pin named after one of my rock and roll idols: Presley. She has been a great source of comfort to me. She is sleeping in her bed, inches from my chair as I type this. She follows me around like a little…