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An encounter with the stars, Part Two

While this blog originally focused on my dating life (or sex-scapades, but without the sex because my family reads these posts!), I have been posting more and more about film. I feel the topic of film still fits with the overall theme because I love film and I love talking about film, film stars, directors and overall film nerdiness. I have always been a film nerd, but have morphed into an even bigger one over the years, especially while writing my dissertation - or to use the lovely German word: Doktorarbeit, literally translated: "doctor work" - on German cinema. I will admit that is a bit of niche topic for American readers, and hell even for some German ones, and certainly for those who are not interested in film, but I appreciate you reading this (if you are indeed reading this).

My post begins today with a note of thanks. My friends Maryann and Marina gave me the perfect Doktortitel-Geschenk (doctorate gift): a ticket to attend the Berlin premiere of the latest film st…