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Phase 1

The early stages of dating someone are always the best. You get to learn so much about that person and find out some really awesome things if you're lucky. Sometimes you can find out some not so good things, but I suppose you win some, you lose some. I happened to find out some pretty awesome things and I like how everything has been progressing. It's been a slow but more natural process.

The guy in question is kind of different. He's like me in a lot of ways and it's surprising how we have lots of things in common that I wouldn't have expected. His geekiness parallels mine, but he's also a pretty cool dude. I like our intelligent conversations and witty text banter, but the most amazing thing so far has to be the fact that we were spouting out Beatles movie quotes at breakfast one morning. I've never met another person who was pacified as a child by watching Beatles movies. Simply amazing. Perhaps I have met my male Beatles enthusiast (aka freak) counterp…


Hey, everyone! It's been a long time coming but my second post is up on the "WTF Is Up With My Love Life?!" site. I would really appreciate it if you checked it out. The site is really entertaining and offers so many perspectives on relationships of all types. And of course by reading my post you're offering your continued support to my fledgling writing career ;)

This one is dedicated to all the women out there still searching for their prince. Keep your chins up, it will happen someday!

Thanks and happy reading!

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Roller Coaster Relationships

It's funny how two very different people can come to the same conclusion about your relationship, albeit in different ways. My last relationship went downhill and towards the end we were both floundering. Why I ever got back together with the guy is now a mystery to me. At major break up #1 - where it REALLY should have ended - a friend of mine, a fiery redhead from Boston, who I met through the guy, knew some of the details of our relationship. She knew him and his issues really well and she saw how unhappy I was. She told me a million times I could do better (and that's honestly not hard) and gave me the wisest piece of advice which I wish I had been smart enough to listen to and comprehend at the time. She told me you can never go back in a relationship. It's so true. Once something has come to an end, if you have no true ties to that person (marriage, kids, pets, a house, etc.), it needs to be over.

At the final break up - where it ACTUALLY ended (too many months too …

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Some people make me sick. Especially when they've lied to you for so long. You can just tell that something is off, but at the time it's hard to pinpoint. Hindsight is always crystal clear. Ain't that a bitch? Better to figure it out than be lost at sea forever, I suppose.

Relationships are never perfect and there has to be some work and maintenance involved in order for them to be sustainable, but lies are just hurtful and wrong. I've had to own up to some really horrible and difficult things in my relationships (readers, they would really shock you about me...maybe someday I'll be brave enough to divulge), but I had the courage to say I fucked up or that I wasn't happy. Sometimes it took me a while to spit it out, but in the end, if you hold things back, you're not only hurting yourself, but your "significant" other. I'm not saying I can't lie like Washington or that I have no filter, but if it's something big, I can't hold it ba…

Bros Before Hos

Sometimes I forget that the most important relationships in life are friendships. Romantic partners may come and go, especially at this stage in my life, but friends will always be there to love and support you. They meet up with you for drinks, chill and watch movies with you in PJs, give you advice (whether or not it's useful or solicited), go to the dog park with you, help you stay in shape, boost up your confidence, make you laugh your ass off and even help you practice safe sex (thanks Kinga and Che - you both are life savers). Even though my time in Arizona has been fraught with stress and uncertainty, I've met some amazing people here and am glad to say that although I miss my friends back home terribly, I'm happy to have made awesome friends here too. I know that whenever I make my triumphant return home, my friends will be happy to see me and I them. That's how true friendships work. You always somehow seem to fall back into step with the friends you truly lov…