Bros Before Hos

Sometimes I forget that the most important relationships in life are friendships. Romantic partners may come and go, especially at this stage in my life, but friends will always be there to love and support you. They meet up with you for drinks, chill and watch movies with you in PJs, give you advice (whether or not it's useful or solicited), go to the dog park with you, help you stay in shape, boost up your confidence, make you laugh your ass off and even help you practice safe sex (thanks Kinga and Che - you both are life savers). Even though my time in Arizona has been fraught with stress and uncertainty, I've met some amazing people here and am glad to say that although I miss my friends back home terribly, I'm happy to have made awesome friends here too. I know that whenever I make my triumphant return home, my friends will be happy to see me and I them. That's how true friendships work. You always somehow seem to fall back into step with the friends you truly love and understand. I know I'm not perfect and I don't always do the best job of staying in touch, but I am truly honored to have lived in different parts of the world and to have made such awesome friends that I still connect with after all these years. I'm seriously a lucky chick and maybe someday the right guy will come along that my friends won't talk shit about and will actually like for me and I'll be as happy as Matt and Bivi :) Here's to all my friends!!!

Funny Weekend Ecard: It means so much to me that whenever I need to go out, get trashed and talk shit about people, you're always there for me.

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