Phase 1

The early stages of dating someone are always the best. You get to learn so much about that person and find out some really awesome things if you're lucky. Sometimes you can find out some not so good things, but I suppose you win some, you lose some. I happened to find out some pretty awesome things and I like how everything has been progressing. It's been a slow but more natural process.

The guy in question is kind of different. He's like me in a lot of ways and it's surprising how we have lots of things in common that I wouldn't have expected. His geekiness parallels mine, but he's also a pretty cool dude. I like our intelligent conversations and witty text banter, but the most amazing thing so far has to be the fact that we were spouting out Beatles movie quotes at breakfast one morning. I've never met another person who was pacified as a child by watching Beatles movies. Simply amazing. Perhaps I have met my male Beatles enthusiast (aka freak) counterpart? Time shall tell I suppose...right now I'm just enjoying spending time with him and doing lots of fun stuff like going to shows, swing dancing in public, playing with his super cute cats and doing late night cartwheels in the park.

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