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The Crap-o-Meter

In a serious conversation with my friend last night, I realized something important and almost miraculous. My Crap-o-Meter is finally starting to work. It took me 8 years of relationships and dating to realize I don't have to put up with other people's crap, and frankly, I shouldn't have to. My first long-term relationship with my German ex-fiance (that's right, I was engaged) lasted 4 years. Lots of back and forth and on again off again behavior. My second serious relationship with a legally married man lasted 13 months (the divorce went through when we were together) - we also broke up once in the middle of the crap storm. My third serious relationship only lasted 8 months. And this last "relationship" I was in only lasted for about 3 months. For you visual learners, please see the chart below. It is adjusted for actual time spent dating, in months. The chart clearly highlights my growing inability to put up with crap. You should always demand the best, bec…

The Circle of (Love)Life

My dearest readers,

As I mentioned in my post on Tuesday, I cleaned up my blog but left three old posts from 2006 entitled "So ist das Leben" (the German equivalent of "C'est la vie"), "Bonn" and "Update time".  I recommend reading them to be able to better understand the 20 year old Tina for comparative purposes.

The overall writing in the three posts is manic-depressive. I express my emotions in the most emphatic terms.  I'm also critical and angry about my love life.  At 20 I was looking for love, worried about intimacy, confused about my feelings, frustrated about being single and generally unsure of the right course of action.  I think back then I was spending too much time worrying about and lamenting over my situation.  I knew what I wanted and took everything that happened counter to my wishes as a personal assault on my happiness.  How it was personal, I have no idea but that's how I felt.  How dare a man not be madly in lo…