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The Things We Do For Love

I would be lying if I said my impending move to Berlin had nothing to do with matters of the heart. Admittedly the last decade or so of my life has been dedicated to the German language and culture, and, as friends can attest (Wolfman D recently called me out on this), I have talked about moving to Germany...a lot.  Add to the fact that we have an Oompa Loompa in the White House and I will complete my coveted PhD in Germanic Studies within the next few months, I would say I certainly have enough reasons to make the move across the pond.  Yet had I not met the love of my life, I would not be crazy enough to go through the process in which I currently find myself.

Don't get me wrong, it is not the worst thing in the world you can do, but there are so many things to consider before making such a huge decision. I have already donated so many of my things (and still have so much to pack, move and give away), I have read countless websites about obtaining visas and all the attached leg…