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Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

The title of my post today is borrowed from a song of the same name written by Carl Perkins in 1957, which was in turn covered by The Beatles with George Harrison on the lead vocals. An excellent song in all of its forms. It also seems to fit my life right now. I'm "in between gigs", to quote my mother and not only are men from my past contacting me, I have met quite a few recently as well. No one has potential as far as I can tell, but I it is still rather ridiculous. Just today within the span of 3 hours, a man I met over a year ago from Germany (who still lives there) contacted me. He stayed with me for a few days in Chicago in March and we hit it off, but he lives there. I'm still here. Long distance clearly was not something he was willing to keep up. I started dating someone else in the mean time, but he would write to me on Facebook on occasion and tell me how much he missed me. He picked today of all days to repeat those sentiments. Then, just a few hours lat…

X, Revisited

All my exes live in Texas...

Well, not really. My ex-boyfriends live in Illinois, Arizona and Germany, as far as I know. But those three places are a bitch to rhyme, don't you think? I will, for the sake of my readers, refrain from trying to make something catchy out those place names...

Or wait, I might be on to something here...

(*sing aloud in the style of a country-esque ballad*)

One big bad boy
Left behind in Illinois,
Arizona, didn't want to know ya,
Too many guys with no persona
Germany, you were so bad to me
Time to go on a dating spree
Exes here and exes there,
Don't wanna see them anywhere!

What do you think? Not too bad, right? Leave a comment to let me know, or add your own lyrics!

Musical fun aside, I have been in contact with several of my exes lately and I wonder why it all seemed to happen at the same time. Perhaps it is meant to remind me of the good times, but also to remind of what did not work in those relationships and why they are in the past. I know …