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I Fought the Law...

...but the law won? No, wait...that can't be right. Laws are everywhere and are an established part of our daily lives. Some laws are helpful, for instance the traffic laws, which in most cases keep us from killing one another on the road. Of course there are always assholes who decide they can do whatever they want, but if there were no laws, more lives would be at risk.

Other laws are a hindrance, such as citizenship laws. I find them to be totally arbitrary. Especially since I am someone who has been living between two countries at more than one point in her life. If someone wants to be a citizen of another country, why do you have to prove your family is from that nation? Nations are just constructs - or imagined communities to reference Benedict Anderson's seminal concept from the 1980s - and the jus sanguinis requirement for citizenship is bogus. If I want to become a citizen of a country so I can live freely with my husband, but do not want to rescind my given citizens…

The One

Dear Readers,

As you know it has been a few months since I last posted to my blog. I considered posting several times but somehow could not commit. So much has occurred in that time and I also needed time to heal from a rather traumatic event. I was not dating really at all since my last short relationship ended in March. I was communicating with someone online for months and finally met that person but I was disappointed with how things turned out. However, as fate would have it, the unexpected happened. After countless failed relationships, bouts of online dating, years of melancholia, lamenting my unsuccessful and stressful love life and writing about it, I met "the One."

How do I know he's the One, you might very well ask? I know because everything has gone so smoothly from the moment we met. I will not say everything is perfect - we all know perfection is something for which we might strive, but we are human and therefore inherently flawed so it is an unattainable, …