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Like a Glove

Finding the right match can be frustrating. For me, it's been entertaining more than anything. I thought I was getting close a few times, but it's like buying shoes or jeans. They might suit you, but they don't quite fit. A little too tight or the shape is not quite right and you finally decide to give the article of clothing away to Salvation Army. Perfect analogy dating. You meet a guy out at a bar, he asks you for your number and is excited to go out on a date with you. You go on said date, everything goes well, the guy even leaves his gloves in your car.

I think: cheesy, borderline pathetic ploy to guarantee a second date?

He thinks: on second thought, no second date. Gloves? What gloves?

So what would any self respecting woman do? That's right, give the gloves away to a friend. What? They were nice leather gloves. And the guy seemed kind of gay. Not the right fit.

My Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day. Such a tricky "holiday". Even when I was in relationships, I wasn't the biggest fan. Why make a big deal on that one day? Why not wine and dine your partner, buy them flowers/candy/(insert gift here) any of the other 364 days of the year? It's obviously nice when someone makes an effort on V-Day, but it definitely shouldn't be limited to that day and doesn't have to be such a grand gesture.

V-Day 2013: Tina, 27, single and in the big city. Met a few guys here and there since moving home; no one promising. The usual kind of situations. My partner in crime suggested something different: an Anti-Valentine's Day Party. Promises of hilarious bad date/break up stories performed on stage, roller derby girls delivering shots, sexy dancers and DJs made it seem doable. The doors were supposed to open at 7. My girl and I arrive at 7:50. Not many people were there. Apparently they pushed everything back an hour. Turns out being the first ones in …

Won't You Be Mine?

Happy Valentine's Day to all my adoring fans. Thank you for sticking with me and reading my posts - well written or not. The link in this post is from my awesome friend Annette. She knows how much I love Mr. Daryl Dixon, aka the ruggedly sexy actor Norman Reedus, from the Walking Dead. But I also love all the REAL characters in my life: my family and friends. And I try to love everyone else, too. As the Beatles would say, "All You Need Is Love". Even though today is a commercial, greeting card holiday, it still serves as a reminder to love one another, something many of us forget throughout the year.

Daryl Shot Me With His Crossbow of Love
Check out the link and let me know what you think. Do you also suffer from Daryl-itis? 
Love,  Tina

That Thing

This past Friday night provided the most amusing people watching I've had the pleasure to witness. I was out in Wicker Park to see a college buddy's band play at Subterranean at the Hipster Six Corners of North, Milwaukee and Damen. I enjoy this area so much because it's like a circus but the animals are much more colorful and less bro than in Wrigleyville.

The venue was of course dive-ish enough. Dimly lit, dark red walls, three levels, surly bouncers. We arrived to hear band #2 on the line up. A decent indie band with a cute female lead singer with a pixie haircut. When they ended, a very handsy female emcee in a red suit with a pseudo Flock of Seagulls hairdo auctioned off a date with the drummer from the band. He was the shorter, cuter version of Adam Levine (of Moron 5 fame) and was asked to bend over so his ass could be grabbed. He was sold for $30. I was shocked at the low bidding. Ladies are shy? However, after band #3, stick a skinny, cute Asian girl on stage and …

Friday Night in the Big City

After an arduous work week and my mother's emotional state (her son finally flew the coop, having lived at home for 25 years), we decided we would go to Katerina's to hear a jazz singer and her piano man. I invited a friend to join us at the show; we had other plans that night anyway. The song choices were a bit strange but the singer was good, the piano player was better. I commented that the door man (handsome, albeit a bit short for my taste and a bit haughty) looked like a member of Duran Duran because of his frosted tips and his manner of dress. We enjoyed the ambience, our drinks and food but due the to bitter cold we had to make a hasty exit.

Mother had left us and my friend and I went to see Django (even better upon second viewing) at the Davis. As the movie let out, we noticed it had snowed quite a bit and was indeed still snowing. It was quarter to one, we were in the heart of Lincoln Square and didn't feel like spending the time or energy to go far. We wound up …