Like a Glove

Finding the right match can be frustrating. For me, it's been entertaining more than anything. I thought I was getting close a few times, but it's like buying shoes or jeans. They might suit you, but they don't quite fit. A little too tight or the shape is not quite right and you finally decide to give the article of clothing away to Salvation Army. Perfect analogy dating. You meet a guy out at a bar, he asks you for your number and is excited to go out on a date with you. You go on said date, everything goes well, the guy even leaves his gloves in your car.

I think: cheesy, borderline pathetic ploy to guarantee a second date?

He thinks: on second thought, no second date. Gloves? What gloves?

So what would any self respecting woman do? That's right, give the gloves away to a friend. What? They were nice leather gloves. And the guy seemed kind of gay. Not the right fit.

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