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Spring Break for the Mind, Body and Soul

It's interesting how relationships can unearth problems you were previously unaware of about yourself, or at least make you undergo a Freudian self-psychoanalysis. I am beginning to think my anxiety has ruined all of my relationships. I have not been on medication in years and I am loathe to start that kind of "therapy" again but I wonder what I would be like in a relationship if I worried less and went with the flow more. But I keep thinking life is too short to waste time so why not make fun plans and have an organized social life? Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment while you can. An opportunity presents itself, you take it. I am a bit like a yes-person because I want to do it all, especially in a relationship. It can be hard to "dial it down" or swallow the proverbial chill pill in a brand new relationship. I am an enthusiastic, passionate person, and plans help me spend time with the person I'm romantically involved with and organize my tim…

The Ring of Reflection - A Rejected "Modern Love" Submission

My dear readers, I submitted a short essay I wrote to the New York Times "Modern Love" column. It was turned down (see note below), but at least I tried. And now I get to share what I wrote with you here! 
"Dear Tina Schultz, Thank you for sending your writing to Modern Love. Although I don't find your essay right for our needs, I'm grateful for the opportunity to consider it. I regret that the volume of submissions we receive makes it impractical for me to offer editorial feedback.  Best wishes,
Daniel Jones, Modern Love editor"
Mr. Jones, that was such a classy rejection, I can't be upset. Maybe I'll try and submit something again soon. The essay is a bit longer than my usual posts, but I would appreciate it if you stuck with me until the end. Enjoy! 

Christina Schultz The Ring of Reflection January 2016
I decided to celebrate my thirtieth birthday with a bang.I was griping about the big 3-0 for months but in typical Tina fashion, I turned my anxiety …