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Road trippin'

Listening to music during a road trip can be an enlightening and entertaining experience. If you and your road trip partner have similar tastes, the music choices are less adventurous, but more fun for both. If you and your road trip partner have different tastes, the music choices become exciting, revealing of the person's character and so much more is at stake.

I just recently went on a road trip with both kinds of musical partners - one with one of my best friends who likes similar music and one with my boyfriend who likes different music. Both trips were great for so many different reasons, but the music in the car with my boyfriend was like a challenge to me. There were so many songs I did not know, bands I had never heard of, things I really liked I would write down on my list of music to check out. Some of his choices were surprising, but that was fine with me. The trip was all-around filled with music - B.B. King's blues club, Graceland, Sun Studio, Stax Soul Museum, t…

Tinder, thy name is wonderful

In last month's post entitled "Decisions" I said it was time to focus on myself and not on my dating game, because let's be honest, it felt like a game, or maybe more of a big joke. I had no hopes for finding true love, let alone a decent date, but Tinder, my fickle app friend, you have surpassed my wildest dreams.

I am a persistent person, despite the ups and downs, and my advice to others who are feeling down in love should just remember there are so many people who are not right for you so you will have to go on many first dates to find someone even remotely plausible. Conversely, the number of people who have the potential to be a good match is probably very small.

That being said, there are people out there whom you will meet and everything will just "click." The feeling is the stuff of dreams and I am loath to wake up. But who says the feeling cannot last indefinitely? I do not understand or enjoy the concept of "the honeymoon phase" of a re…

Hey jealousy

A sad day it is indeed when you come to the realization you harbor feelings of jealousy, that you are not truly happy for others when they have what you want, or what you think you want. Even though I am not religious, I still want to use the word un-Christian to describe such a phenomenon. I know it is a natural human experience, one of the common core feelings, just like love, hate, anger, fear, sadness (I sound like I'm listing the characters from Disney's "Inside Out"...sigh), etc. Why do these feelings of jealousy arise? Why do I feel guilty after the jealous feelings subside? How does one deal with such feelings? I think my general approach lately has been to accept that certain undesirable mental states or thoughts are a part of life and that they will pass. If you pull a Gandalf ("you shall not pass") you're in for trouble. Take a George Harrison approach instead ("all things must pass"). I know I discussed a romanticized version of je…