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Almost Famous

This blog has been a cathartic and wonderful outlet for me. Ofttimes I ramble, but I usually try to make a point about relationships, dating, men, etc. I'm eventually going to use my blog and my handwritten journals for a book about my hilarious and emotional times as a dating woman. Deep down inside I was hoping for something good to come out of it and slowly but surely, I feel it happening. An editor from the website "WTF Is Up With My Love Life?!" read some of my posts and now I'm guest blogging for them! This is truly an exciting moment for me.

For now, I will be sharing the link to the site, which you will find below:

Tina's exciting debut into professional writing?

Read my post, check out the site and let me know what you think! Thanks, readers!!!

Rules of Attraction

Perhaps it's Murphy's Law, the law of averages or the Pythagorean theorem, but why is it that when you stop caring about something, that something seems to happen? Many times I've found myself wanting to be in a relationship so badly, yet the men I would meet left me doubting I'd ever find someone well suited enough to be with me. However, the SECOND I say, fuck it, Männer sind Schweine, that's when the magic happens. I thought the more you wanted something, the harder you'd work to make it happen, right? The American Dream and all that b.s. Nope, not for this chick. It's so strange. I think the older I get, the less I care so I must be exuding more confidence than usual.

I still think that I'll run away to Europe and find my dream man - a Mr. Darcy, Benedict Cumberbatch type. A tall, handsome, well dressed, bumblingly charming British man. With the Olympics in London, the city is calling out to me much louder than usual. But in the mean time, I'll …

POF = Plenty of Freaks?

I joined POF last night. And already I'm thinking that might have been a BIG mistake. But this is what happens when I get bored. I'm like my mother. Seriously. Give us some idle time and we do an online dating blitz. I'm beginning to think it's just a vicious cycle. I mostly get uninspired, sometimes lewd messages. It's amusing but after a while I see the same people and the searching through scores of terrible men gets old, so I delete my profile. A few months later, I'm back.

And seriously, readers...Why do men ask for naked pictures? What am I? Stupid? If I don't know you, why the hell would I text you a picture of myself naked? I never even did that for my boyfriends.

Let the games begin.

Batman and Bros

Yesterday was an epic day. Seeing "The Dark Knight Rises" in IMAX felt like a life changing cinematic experience. I cried, I shrieked, I laughed, I cheered, I came out of the theater feeling like I was high. The quote of the night became "I Joseph Gordan Loved It!" because I realized just how much I love Joseph Gordan-Levitt.

Yes, please! Where can I find me one of these????

But to get to the point of my post...after the movie, which I watched with a group of friends, we went back to my place and enjoyed the rain, drank some wine and discussed the film. Then we went to Casey's for a delicious dinner and adult beverages and continued to discuss various topics. Two of my friends left, one of them being the only other girl in the party and the other being a very tame guy, leaving me with my two guy friends. We started having a very serious philosophical talk about life.  What's the point of anything? Why do people care so much about what others think? Gawking …

Yuck Fou

As a generally very nice, sentimental, warm and loving person (thanks to my Italian-Greek blood), it's hard for me to really get angry at someone. It's especially hard for me to hold on to my anger. But when I have a good reason for my rage, it feels good to let someone have it...even if it is on a toned down scale. Usually my rational and reasoning voice (thanks to my German blood) filters in through the boiling blood in my veins. This is what stopped me from throwing my exes shit in a lake or river or setting it on fire or smashing up their cars. I usually don't tell people to fuck off, but I had to text it to someone recently (even though it was sooooo cleverly done, it makes me sick - I quoted a song from his friend's band - OUCH!!!), but I kind of wish I could say something like the text from the image below to the unworthy and undeserving. This is just amazing and I think I'm going to put in on a t-shirt...enjoy this. But please, use it wisely.

This Couch Is My Couch

I've been an official couch surfer for about 6 months. In practice, I've couch surfed quite a bit in my life. All over Europe, Mexico, the States. It's convenient and frugal. But I generally stayed with people I knew fairly well, if not really well. The couch surfing website allows members to post that they can host others at their place of residence or if they are traveling to find hosts. In the short time I've been a member, I've probably received about 20 messages. A few requests a month. I only remember getting messages from 2 women. This month my requests exploded! I received 7. All complete strangers. 6 of them gentlemen. I feel at times like I'm on OKCupid again. Especially after receiving the following message:

Ciao Tina!

hope you are doing great.

I will be in Phoenix from July 12th till July 15th. I am continuing my journey towards the east of USA in the quest to gather as much information I could, to put it in an understanding of Human being, globa…

Story Time

I've never asked my readers for much except for love and support, but for today's post, I'd like to have my awesome followers contribute. I would like everyone to share stories about the craziest thing that's ever happened to them in a relationship. Relationships (and dates) can give us some hilarious stories and awesome(ly bad) memories. Did you get into a ridiculous public fight? Did you run off and get married in Vegas by midgets? Sky dive naked together? Please share by leaving a note/comment under this post. 

Eventually I will further shame myself by posting such things that I have experienced. But for now, I'm still a bit shy. Guys can be so stupid and I can be soooo naive!

Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say. Thank you!!!

Responsibly Reminscing

Today marked a momentous occasion, a turning point, in my life. For the first time in my adult life I have a full time job with benefits that I actually want. I received the official offer letter from the COO in my manager's office with my supervisors and esteemed coworkers surrounding me and I couldn't suppress my happiness. The COO made it sound like I would have new responsibilities and that the opportunity for professional growth would be a definite.

But before all of that - the knowledge that this was my first day as full timer after almost of year of busting my rear filling my mind - as I was on my way into work, I was reminded of a time when responsibility seemed like a four letter word. I had moved to Germany at the age of 20 and definitely had my fair share of wild nights and responsibility shirking. I was one of the best students and spoke the best German (but that wasn't really saying much in an exchange program...although I was allowed to take courses at the act…

Nice and Easy Does It

The last few posts were not really original...I feel like I cheated my readers by posting interesting articles I found. But hey, it's my blog. I do what I want!

Over the past few weeks I've been contemplating what I should write about on my blog. I tend to make things very personal and it can be uncomfortable for some. I never really want to offend anyone and that leads me to my topic - being too nice.

Break ups are hard, but I don't usually want my ex to drop dead. I can't turn off my feelings like a light switch, although none of my exes were bad guys. They did nothing wrong...things just didn't work out. However, I always want to fix things and play nice. That's what I do. When guys approach me, I still have a hard time being a bitch to them if I'm not interested. I usually try to make the situation not awkward for the guy, even though one might interpret that as being counterproductive, because if he's a creep, he should KNOW you're not interest…