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Since I've moved out to Phoenix I've dated a lot. More than I ever thought I would. As someone who finds people complex and interesting (and sometimes the exact opposite), I generally write down just about everything I observe and the guys who come and go in my life are a big part of that. Some dates have gone really well but the guys turn out to be interested in something else. Some dates were not so great and there are plenty in between. I think it all depends on my attitude and my first meeting or set of interactions with the guy. I've been trying to have respect for myself and not take much shit, but it doesn't always work. I realize I don't always behave in a way that I would consider to be good but life is all about trial and error, making mistakes. But this dating stuff is teaching me that I am amazing and that a man should practically be licking my boots to even be allowed to spend time with me. I know that sounds so royally arrogant, but if I respect mysel…