The One

Dear Readers,

As you know it has been a few months since I last posted to my blog. I considered posting several times but somehow could not commit. So much has occurred in that time and I also needed time to heal from a rather traumatic event. I was not dating really at all since my last short relationship ended in March. I was communicating with someone online for months and finally met that person but I was disappointed with how things turned out. However, as fate would have it, the unexpected happened. After countless failed relationships, bouts of online dating, years of melancholia, lamenting my unsuccessful and stressful love life and writing about it, I met "the One."

How do I know he's the One, you might very well ask? I know because everything has gone so smoothly from the moment we met. I will not say everything is perfect - we all know perfection is something for which we might strive, but we are human and therefore inherently flawed so it is an unattainable, unrealistic goal - but my relationship is the closest to perfect I have ever experienced. We are both very much in love, but also good friends. He surprises me with a beautiful charm bracelet for our one-month anniversary or a trip to a gorgeous German mini Grand Canyon, I cook him delicious food, book rooms for our little sojourns and generally pamper him. Everything developed naturally and within one week, we were inseparable and I, for all intents and purpose, moved in with him. He is a planner and a thinker like me. Marriage, children, future travels, everything for a solid foundation has already been discussed. He even said "I love you" first at a point that some might consider quickly for a relationship. I would disagree. We both feel the same way about each other: we love each other, so why not just say it? Why wait when you feel it and know it is right? He calls me his "dream woman" and I think he is my dream man (or as close to it as anyone could be). The best part about the relationship, besides all the obvious things, is that there was never any doubt or second guessing myself. His intentions and his feelings for me were always clear, no games, no waiting, just pure enthusiasm, love and happiness to be with me all the time, no matter what. I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing that feels. One of my girlfriends thought I was insane for spending every night with him from the beginning, but he and I wouldn't want it any other way. Isn't this what I have wanted for so long? Have I not yearned for an attractive, intelligent, sensitive man who makes me feel safe, loved and happy? He told me "we are a team" and I believe him.

I hate to admit that sometimes I believe this is all too good to be true, that one day something will go wrong or that I don't deserve to be this happy and fulfilled. I cannot trace these feelings to anything else but my own insecurities. I know he loves me exactly for who I am. He finds my over-anxious planning and organizing cute, he thinks it's sweet I want everything to be "perfect," he enjoys my American pronunciation of things and even welcomes all of my "suggestions" to make his apartment truly more like ours. He has lived in Berlin in the same apartment for 5 years, so it will take some time, but not much! The apartment already feels like home and I will be sad to leave our little love nest for a month in September, but I feel incredibly lucky to have so many homes in my life in Berlin, Chicago and elsewhere.

With all of my gushing about Mr. Right, because let's face it, I could go on and on and on about him and my relationship and I know that might be highly irritating to some, I actually wanted to make the following point this time: Go for it. If you have the opportunity to pursue something and it just feels right, do it. I could have long since flown back to Chicago, but I don't really need to at the moment, so I figured I should spend the time with my boyfriend instead. He was hoping after a spontaneous sublease opportunity fell through, that I could move in the New Year. Who knows if it will come to that, but I love knowing that he, too, thinks about these things and wants me to stay. I could already have done so if the sublease had worked out, but fate has other plans for us at the moment.

Regardless of how quick things progress or how crazy anyone thinks you are, isn't your happiness and your relationship worth it? If there are no compelling arguments against it, why stop yourself? You have to take a risk in life and in love, especially if the person of your dreams appears out of the blue. So I wish everyone good luck, be happy, be yourself, enjoy life. Life is too short to waste it with the wrong person.

Dedicated lovingly to R.K.

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