I stumbled upon a little gem today in my daily internet surfing at work to avoid actually toiling away at my cubicle. Thanks to the Changing Hands Bookstore, conveniently located a little over a mile from my house in Tempe, I discovered that there are men who actually are trying to help women. Why, I don't really know. Dating, relationships and just getting to know people in general has, is and will always be a completely mind boggling process. Unless you are the most honest and open person, you will never truly know what anyone is thinking. You can perhaps get close, but unless Professor Snape is lurking about with a little bottle of clear liquid, I repeat: you will never truly know what is going on in someone's mind. Sometimes I speak what I think is the truth at the moment, but I don't really know what's true. Feelings, emotions, opinions, preferences are as changeable as the weather in Chicago. I constantly change my mind and I know that most people are like this as well. One day I think marriage is a sham and the next day I think, it wouldn't be so bad to find the right man to settle down with "'til death do us part." But that's mostly because I have a panic attack and think I'm going to die a lonely old maid. Not the worst thing in the world, but sometimes a bit sobering.

But I digress. The bookstore frequently has authors coming in and since I frequently check out their website now that I have discovered that I love the place and would not-so-secretly like to work there and make eyes at all the cute, nerdy male employees while shelving the Bukowskis, Byrons and Brechts, I found out that the authors of a book entitled "WTF Are Men Thinking?: 250,000 Men Reveal What Women Really Want to Know" are coming for a talk. I am curious and am going to listen in. And how could I not with such an intriguing blurb?

"What's the one thing that women do that makes men want to cheat? What do men really think about platonic male friends? Alamarez and Brya's book is full of answers—provided by 250,000 real men—to these questions and 151 more. Whether women are getting back into the dating scene or just not having any luck, the authors say their book can provide truths about dating pitfalls to give them a leg up in their love lives."
I've gotten so much better at just spitting out my innermost thoughts and questions. So a lot of issues could be avoided if people weren't imbeciles and just told the truth. We all die in the end (shocking revelation!), so what's the use of being a shit and lying and covering things up? Own up to your actions and thoughts - no matter how strange or potentially hurtful. Sometimes you'll even end up pleasantly surprised. Will I ever know what men really think? Nope. Will I ever be able to figure them out? Nope. There is simply no way. People are so unpredictable and yet strangely predictable. But maybe I'll learn a thing or two and definitely chuckle abundantly.

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