Just Do It

Humble readers, it's been a while and I apologize. I have been focusing on some personal issues and wasn't ready to write until now. This post is dedicated to a wonderful lady who I love and thank for all her support! :)

Last night I talked to my friend about men and my experiences with online dating. Ofttimes it is a perplexing labyrinth of mixed signals and lackluster messages. Why did a guy in California write to me to tell me I'm the hottest girl in Phoenix and then in subsequent messages act enigmatic? I don't understand why someone who is not in your area would write to you. Maybe if you're coming to visit and want to hook up? But just out of the blue like that? A compliment is a compliment, I suppose. Why did a guy write to me and ask the intelligent question "Want cock?". Clearly he did not read my profile. He just liked my alluring pictures and wanted to, in the common vernacular, hit me up. But then I started thinking...is it so wrong for a guy to be forward like that? I had a guy drink too much and basically turn into a blubbering high schooler telling me how much he wanted to have sex with me. I was so turned off. The date was actually going well until the idiot lost it. When was the last time you saw boobs? Never? Seriously. Grow up. Women don't like feeling molested on a date. But if a guy puts it out there from the beginning and lets you know he finds you attractive and doesn't want to go through all the pretending to date you bullshit, should I fault him for that? I think not.

I'm just wondering how many people on POF (or in the world in general) like me who don't usually enjoy random hook ups think, should I respond? Should I go for it? The rational, paranoid side of me immediately thinks about STDs, axe murderers, condoms, unintentional pregnancies, rape, etc. Fun stuff, I know. But the other part of me thinks if there's a guy letting me know he wants me and I also find him attractive, I should go for it. It could potentially be awesome and hot and sexy. I suppose that's me being optimistic. The "cock" and I exchanged a few naughty messages and I had my excitement but I'm pretty sure nothing will come of it. All talk and no action. On his part and on mine. I'm pretty sure I would chicken out if he asked me to meet up. He's helping his brother move into the dorms at college in Indiana. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted!

Basically, the point of all this is, my friend and I decided it's all about the attraction and presentation. You can think a guy is cute but he can act like an idiot and you're turned off. But if a cute guy presents something to you and there's no doubts or strings attached (in an ideal world), why should I say no? What's stopping me? I can just hear my mother now!!!

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