Your an Idiot

I deleted the OKCupid app from my phone the other day. I was getting lots of messages that were uninspiring. Perhaps I should have known this because of my previous experiences. Shame on me!

It's absolutely depressing how poorly some people write. Your, you're, you are, u r, ur, u'r. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Go back to school or PUH-LEEEEZ give a shit, guys! If you don't know how to write you have no chance with me! Apparently you missed my WHOLE PROFILE if you decided to write a message like: hey, your beautiful. First of all, thanks I know. And second of all, really? "Your beautiful"??? Your beautiful what? Your beautiful photos inspired me to write you a message? That would be more like it. But alas, I get the "your beautiful" variety.  So I've decided to cool it with OKCupid. I haven't deleted my profile, but the app? At least I won't get bombarded with utter crap anymore.

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