Get Over It

Men are more insecure than women, I tend to believe. Although right now I'm feeling pretty insecure, but I rarely ever seem to show it. I love when a guy sends you a message and you do the usual thing and just ignore it because for whatever reason you don't want to respond (he's unattractive, you have nothing in common, he can't write a sentence if his life depended on it, has a half naked picture of himself posted...the list is endless), yet he doesn't take the hint. A non-response in the cyber dating world is actually a polite but firm "sorry, dude". If you respond but aren't interested, you give them hope and wind up bruising a lot of egos by turning them down. And sometimes they flip out if you reject them because they think you're being a bitch. Sorry, that's the way it goes. First impressions are huge, even if it's a profile online. And especially if a guy flips out, that's super scary, psycho kind of stuff anyway so see what I mean about first impressions?

Anyway, a guy sent me three messages, each one within a few days of one another. Each sounding more and more ridiculous. He asked if I was real and then again pondered why I didn't respond. Wow. GET OVER IT, dude! My heart's not into the online dating thing. I guess I figured it was just something to do, but it's actually a lot of work and I don't feel like giving out my number to a bunch of strangers right now. I guess I'm being moody. But at least I'm not so insecure as to freak out when someone doesn't respond (although I've hardly ever initiated the conversation first) and if a guy messages me and I write back and he doesn't respond ever again, oh well. No skin off my back. Eventually I have to quote some of the messages I have received. You wouldn't believe it.

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