Let's Get Digital

How would you react if a guy you've never met asks you to video chat? Afraid? Creeped out? Turned on? Apprehensive? Willing? I think I was mostly skeptical but figured what the hell? His argument was "you can always turn the camera off". Sense of humor? Check. However, I had just gotten out of the shower and was still in a towel. Yikes! Throwing caution to the wind, I quickly dressed and fired up Skype.

His profile was particularly spartan - an unclear, artsy picture (and just the one, might I add), minimal personal info, kind of nonsensical stuff. Wasn't really sure what to think. It looked like he put zero effort into his profile. Or perhaps he put a lot of effort into it, making it look like he doesn't care. Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised by what awaited me on the other side of the camera. He was fully clothed (although he joked at the end that he had his pants off the whole time), cute, glasses, nice smile, had a dry wit and seemed intelligent. Taking a risk is sometimes worth it. A pleasant conversation and a chance to meet someone new - in person or via the interwebs - is always a good thing in my book, regardless of the outcome.

However, a word to the wise: if the guy's user name/profile reminds you of R. Kelly, it's better to politely decline the video chat invite.

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