Does it make me shallow to not respond to people based on their profile picture? NOPE! Everyone does it. I actually remember on about a year and a half ago, rather than just doing the usual ignore the message thing, a guy sent an "I'm not interested" canned message that you can send through Match. Wow. Really? If a guy does that he's...if a guy does that I don't know...scratch that. I'm at a loss for written words. 

Here's what the canned message says:
english_gent_US appreciates your taking the time to let him know you're interested, but doesn't think you're a good match for him. Don't be discouraged. Magic happens when you least expect it. With millions of singles on, you could be just one click away from finding someone who's right for you.

I guess I could have thanked him for sparing my time but I'm obviously not a good match. So I just laughed and went on to the next.

Sometimes it is really hard to ignore someone who seems cool. There have been some musician types that might be all right to hang out with, but no one has really been that interesting. Or there are guys that are cute but then you read their profile and you want to throw up because they *GASP* use no punctuation and cant spell and everythng is so terible u jsut wnat 2 PUKE!!!!!! Or they have 3 kids or are boring or aren't cute or...the list is endless it seems.

Am I expecting to find true love? No, not really. But it's certainly interesting. Online dating is so strange but I like strange.

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