Partners and Parents

I can't say it enough - it's all about communication.  I would like to share my musings about how it has been said you find partners like your parents.  My parents are both musically inclined; my dad being a little drummer boy and my mother a singer/piano player/accordionist extraordinaire.  They met through mutual friends and were in a band together called "The Lawn Chairs".  Awesome, right?  Indeed.  I was an 80s child born to wild, rockin' parents!

Ha, not so much.  My mother is a librarian and has been one for most of her professional life.  My father is a rather studious, bookish type, working in Graphic Arts.  I'm not saying they don't know how to have a good time, but they were definitely nerdy musicians.  Cool in their own right, but not hardcore rock and rollers.  My father is a little more distant in terms of communication, but he always expresses his love and concern for me.  He's more on the stoic side, but he definitely offers lots of advice and opinions on life.  I love talking to him every Sunday, as has been our tradition for years.  My mother would, as I put it, tend to over-communicate.  We talk at least once a day, if not more.  I also am generally in e-mail and text contact with her as well throughout the day.  She's a more extroverted worrier.  My father keeps things to himself, but he definitely worries.  My mother would sometimes call a few times in a row if she didn't know where I was or what I was doing.  Or she would text me in the morning and e-mail when she received no response.  She's not really good at waiting.

I meet this wonderful man who I fell madly in love with almost a year ago.  We start talking...he's in a band and plays guitar and sings and writes  He works in a library and has been there for at least a decade...super cool.  He reads and review young adult literature...awesome.  He's a sensitive caring guy who calls and texts every day...most excellent.  He worries a lot about things, big and little and can either hold it in or express it, depending on his mood...oh wow!

I met someone who is a perfect blend of my parents!!!  Not only like my mother, but like my father as well.  One time I left my phone in my apartment on a dog walk and I received no less than 5 calls from my man.  Granted, we were supposed to meet up and he arrived at the apartment, couldn't find me and was on his way home again before I called him back.  He was worried sick and I felt like a jerk, but I totally thought of my mother!

I'm not wigged out by these coincidences because I love my parents and think they're awesome.  So obviously that speaks volumes about the man I'm with.  Just thought it was funny.  A musical librarian.  Go figure.

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