Time is on my side

Looking back over time, I realize I have done lots of foolish things. I won't go into all the gruesome details (at least not now), but I tend to waver between believing things happen for a reason and believing in the total random, chaos that is life. Why did I react to things a certain way? Why do I constantly worry about each and every detail of my life? Why do I always want to strive for something better?

The only two significant relationships in my life were with men I met in the flesh. Not on the Internet. They taught me a lot, ripped me apart, made my heart swell, boosted me up and knocked me down, made me stronger and yet more vulnerable. In short, they helped make me who I am and helped me realize what I want.

I'm still involved in this relationship that has seen it's fair share of ups and downs, but I know I can't walk away from things when they get difficult and I have to take charge of my own life. I have learned so much. That fated day I met him almost a year ago seems sometimes so perfect, so unreal, so untouchable...unbelievable what a year can bring.

I hope to enjoy another wonderfully crazy year with him (perhaps with a few less downs, although let's face it, they are simply unavoidable).

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