Can't we all just get along?

I read an opinion piece from the New York Times about same-sex marriage the other day. It made my thoughts about life resurface. Why do people waste their time trying to make other people miserable? Does it matter what goes on behind closed doors? Isn't it ALREADY boring to talk about this?

The article tried to say that Obama did the right thing.  He is all for same-sex unions, but won't force States to change their laws.  I agree - he will not be able to convince all the old fart, conservative honky upper class types or the red necks or the Bible thumpers or any other ignorant types I may have left out.  He, as President of this "great" nation, is taking a stance.  He is NOT, however, going to spend all of his energy and power trying to fight something that many people simply will not accept.  But marriage in Massachusetts should be recognized in Texas. Yes, all you homophobes in Texas need to get over it.

This issue just seems so archaic to me. I grew up with homosexual friends my whole life. I don't feel weird or uncomfortable by their love or their relationships. I generally cringe when I see ANY sort of couple engaging in cutesy crap in public. Unless it's me and my guy, of course :) So come on, people, let's not make this into a big deal. Let people practice their inherent rights as human beings to love who they want.  If people can actually argue the right to own rifles in this day and age (another thing which makes absolutely ZERO sense to me), then let people marry whoever they want.  Don't get in the way of someone's happiness.  You shouldn't have that power. No one should. 

Just remember, in the great words of John Lennon: "All you need is love."

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