Pain in the Heart

The human heart can take so much. Lots of pain and joy and repeated kicks, cracks and beatings. I'm of course speaking (or rather, typing) metaphorically here. All perceived emotions come from the brain somewhere. The heart just keeps on pumping blood. What you want will never quite mesh up with what you get because most people, if not every human being, will always want something more. Being happy is not something you achieve and then you put it like a trophy on the shelf. It is a fleeting thing that you may have for a short while and then it flits away, returning at a time unknown. You can convince yourself you are happy or miserable - it's all a matter of perspective. I'm not trying to be zen or Buddhist or a hippie or anything like that. But most of the time, we cause our own "heartache". We are our own worst enemies. This is a rather sobering thought. If I can be master of my emotions, I will never lose. Days when I wake up and hate life are days totally wasted. There is nothing wrong and my perception is so skewed from reality. It takes a truly amazing individual to be able to throw away all the garbage that gets you down, but it can be done. My heart and my head and I are working on it. Happiness is, to quote John Lennon, a warm gun (whatever the hell that means - I think it means whatever you want it to mean). Don't get hung up on feeling "happy" or feeling "sad", be your own master. Do what you must to get through each and every day and come out swinging.

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