Oh the irony

A few months ago, when I actually was training new employees (it's been a dry spell since January), there was a young man in the group who I thought was cute. The months following his training, I became frustrated with my job (the usual gripe - overworked and underpaid) and began a spell of slacking off. Seeing as though I was officially nothing more than an interpreter, I acted like one. I waited for phone calls and began developing a very close relationship with some of the interpreters in the back (I work in the front as part of the "administrative" team). The cute young gentleman was one of them. After a while, I realized he had developed a crush on me and I him. After my boyfriend dumped me, I threw caution to the wind and decided I would actually hang out with him and our other coworkers outside of work. One thing led to another and there I was, letting him give me a ride home one night and I may or may not have let him kiss me. Not a good idea. Not a good kisser. A double whammy.

He was 21, I was 26...and I knew this was just going to be a disaster. My mother was right. I told him there was no way we could pursue anything - coworkers, the age difference (an inexperienced 21 year old just doesn't cut it), still being in love with my ex, my insecure future in Arizona - there were too many strikes against it. My better judgement won out and I had to literally fight him off. No more texts, no more hanging out, no more chatting at work. It was hard but things finally started to calm down a few weeks after I gave him the ax.

Now here's the irony: he just got a full time, salaried position with benefits in the IT department. I've been here longer, was working my ass off and that little punk gets a full time job BEFORE me. Talk about a slap in the face. Granted, the company didn't do this to spite me; the position was created to meet the needs of the IT department. And they prefer to hire from within. He applied. He got it. I congratulated him. I feel like running out the door screaming. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay my bills. So...humble readers, if you know of anyone hiring for a full time position with benefits...please, let this poor blogger know.

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