New study shows Chicago singles are screwed?

According to an article a friend shared on Facebook from NBC, a study conducted by WalletHub found Chicago to be one of the worst places to be single. How is this possible? Besides it being a bit pricey - but really, it's not Manhattan or San Francisco and we are not short of dive bars in this city - I'm not sure I agree. I know I have been single on and off in Chicago for years but I always seem to meet people. I could have a date every single night if I wanted. But is that part of the problem? Does this also have something to do with the fact that the men and women are shallow or picky or that everyone is on Tinder (which it seriously feels like sometimes) so they just keep going on date after date after countless date? I am so confused about this study. Does the study mean ultimately your best chances for going on a date and/or meeting people are better or worse in these places? Or are they referring to relationship success rates? It must lean toward the latter, i.e. that it's harder to find someone to date long term or to turn dating into something serious in Chicago. But I'm not convinced that the city can fully be blamed for that. Some luck is involved, chemistry and timing. I am open to receiving someone should he present himself, but I have been sidetracked and waylaid by people who were not right for me or our timing was wrong. So the geographic location surely cannot influence my "chances" that much? If that's the case I'm not sure I could move to Reno, Nevada or Salt Lake City, Utah! Somehow that sounds like a bad idea. Maybe I would find a partner, but at what cost? Sorry, WalletHub, I'm not buying it.

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