My Dream Life (For Now)

Happy Sunday, my dear readers!

Today's post is a bit different, but my vision came to me in conversation with my mother and the more I mulled it over, the more I grew fond of it. I hope you will enjoy what I have to share with you and that it might inspire you to ponder your own future.

I realize now as a freshly minted 31-year-old woman, that it is good to envision what your future might look like. Perhaps it might even be helpful or insightful to think about it, knowing full well it is in the far-off utopic land existing only in your mind. It might make you realize you are ready for a change or can embrace something you were not expecting. However, it is not good to obsess about the future or incessantly worry about the inevitable. While I have my fair share of trouble with anxiety, as most of us do here and there, I certainly like daydreaming and reviewing the what-if scenarios I have imagined for myself in a perfect world. Not the oh-shit-I'm-an-adult kind of world, with unexpected setbacks, not always sound decision-making and somehow with less money than you had budgeted ("I spent how much on Amazon? I thought Prime had free shipping!" It does, you know this - don't play dumb, you overspent).

This might seem to come from left field, but hear me out...

My dream, right now, is to live in Munich, or at least near it, in a big house on a large plot of land with my boyfriend, who will of course be my husband at this point, our three children (John, Victoria and Hans-Knut; admittedly the third child's name needs some work), our dog rescue and my mom set up in a coach house on our grounds. We would have plenty of room for guests and our family. Everyone would be welcome to visit and we could entertain large groups of our loved ones. I would play housewife when I felt like it but still be a successful teacher/translator/writer. He would have a great job with the bank and make money with his music on the side. We would be set.

Granted, this would be in about 5-10 years time, but it sounds so lovely to me. At first I was not sure about the idea of Bavaria, but since they are supposedly the "friendly Germans" (almost sounds like an oxymoron), I might like it there. Plus, Munich has a population of over 1.5 million people, so I could have the big city feel that I seem to crave. The only thing is, how can I have this vision if I have never been to Munich, let alone Bavaria? I suppose that is where I have to stop myself. Otherwise this beautiful, idyllic vision of the future will turn into an anxiety-ridden nightmare. But for now, it sure is fun to think about and surely my vision will change over time. Maybe even next year, next month, or tomorrow for all I know.

What do your dreams look like? Maybe you're lucky enough to say your dreams are a reality and if that is the case, congratulations! Enjoy! I'm just going to take things one step at a time.

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