People are so wrapped up in their own lives; it's like pulling teeth to get others to stop focusing entirely on themselves and think about someone else. I believe it is a true art form to be capable of spending the time and energy to express concern for another. You might not be sincere, you might not do it all of the time, but imagine how you feel if everyone around you seems to only talk about themselves? They never really ask you how you are doing or if everything is all right with you? It's not exactly a great feeling.

A relationship is based on mutual concern. Whether it's your mother, your friend, your significant other, your dog - you both care about each other, and hopefully equally. If the scales are tipped too much to one side, the balance of the relationship is compromised. Both parties involved should equally care for each other. The relationship is then a healthy one. Sometimes you have to completely put your life aside for someone, but it's with the realization that they will do the same for you if your number comes up. It's all a system of give and take - the 50-50 split of life.

Lately in my relationship, I feel the scales have been balancing themselves out. With my friends it can be hard because they are scattered all over the world - it's difficult to truly devote time and energy to them, although I think about them ALL THE TIME (you know who you are). With my family, I usually feel like I take, but that's what kids do. When my parents are old and gray, I'll be the giver. That's how it works, right? Eventually everything balances itself out.

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