To Block Or Not To Block?

My dearest readers, there are many difficult questions we are forced to answer throughout the course of our lives. Am I challenging myself enough? Should I look for a new job? Am I really happy in my current living situation? Does this make my ass look big?

I never thought I would have to answer such a question regarding blocking someone on my phone. But let me offer you one piece of advice: if you ever even have to ask yourself the question "Should I block this person or not?", then chances are, you probably should. I've never had to do this until recently, but I must say, it feels empowering. Not only are you, as the blocker, robbing the blockee the pleasure of being able to communicate with you via text or phone call, you are also causing the blockee lots of grief. Hopefully they are sweating bullets and up at night in complete agony because ALL of their calls go to voicemail and ALL of their texts go unanswered. The best part about this is, you will never know if they text or call you. But the thought of torturing someone who probably deserves it is rather lovely.

So remember the post about how I am less and less willing to deal with crap over time? Yeah, this is part of it. One of my exes and I were communicating too much and because I was in between situations and unhappy. I wrote to him because I was lonely and upset. MISTAKE! Then another gentleman who couldn't "get off the pot or shit", to quote one of my best friends, was making things more than complicated for me so I kept talking to him because I was too afraid to give him an ultimatum. MISTAKE! So I made the decision to block both of them. Two men within two weeks. I'm on a roll!

It's nice that my cell phone has my back, so to speak. With the gentlemen blocked, I can stay strong. I probably could prevent myself from texting them, but now that I am oblivious to their attempts to reach me, I have no reason to text. It's ingenious! When in doubt, block them out!

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