The Sound of Silence

To those of you who still check my blog from time to time, firstly, I'd like to thank you for doing so and secondly, I'd like to give you a small update as to why I haven't posted in six weeks. 

I made a very tough decision to leave my life in Phoenix to move home to Chicago. It had been seven years since living in my hometown but it couldn't have been better timing. I don't really believe in much but I now know things must happen for a reason. I left behind a job, a relationship, friends, a home and a lifestyle I became accustomed to. I had nothing to return to except for my family and some friends. I fell into an amazing job that allowed me the freedom I needed but also the financial stability I never had in Phoenix. I even got a second, part time job that is allowing to meet lots of interesting people (and hear some great music for free!). I was able to spend lots of time with my family, go out and explore my beloved city and reconnect with friends. Things were going extremely well. But then my grandmother's health began to decline dramatically and after a trip to the hospital, she was sent home to pass away relatively peacefully in her home surrounded by her family of many years. I acted as her nurse and caregiver at times and by some miracle I had a week of vacation during the week of her passing so I could make her as comfortable as possible and spend every moment that I could by her side. 

I'm trying to be supportive and helpful to my mother and grandfather, trying to continue my running routine (I just completed a 10 mile run Memorial Day weekend and have a half marathon coming up end of June), trying to get prepared for school (4 more years to get a PhD!) and find a place to live on a budget and somehow still keep my sanity and see friends and do fun things. Basically all of this is to say I haven't had much time to think about my blog and I apologize. I don't want to neglect it because it's been great writing down my thoughts and observations, sharing my stories and experiences and having all the support of my readers. So someday I will continue more regularly but for now, I have bigger fish to fry. 

Love to all. 


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