All my exes live in Texas...

Well, not really. They live in Illinois, Arizona and Germany as far as I know. But those three places are a bitch to rhyme, don't you think? I will, for the sake of my readers, refrain from trying. I have been in contact with a lot of my exes lately and I wonder why it all seemed to happen at the same time. Perhaps it is meant to remind me of the good times, but also to remind of what did not work in those relationships and why they are in the past. I know most of the guys I dated were good (but not all), but that did not make them good for me. I have also changed so much since I began dating about a decade ago. As my post yesterday said, I am on a journey and feel like I have traveled lightyears beyond my past relationships. The retrospective of men is certainly interesting and enlightening. Maybe you think back on your past loves from time to time. I wonder what you would have to say about everything? Maybe you're not a sentimental reminiscer such as myself, so for now, do yourself a favor and listen to this glorious little ditty from George Strait!

"All my exes live in Texas, and Texas is a place I dearly love to be...but all my exes live in Texas, and that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee..."Brilliant! Enjoy!

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