A Work Week to Remember

At the beginning of the month we were informed a team of salespeople from a few offices across the U.S. would be visiting us for a week of "Boot Camp". My company is trying very hard to build up its reputation and the more the salespeople know about their newest branch of services, the better for everyone. I only knew two people from the list, one from a previous visit and one purely through video calls. The rest were all new. We hosted the group last week and I have to say, the salespeople really know how to party!

We were invited out to dinner two nights in a row and everything, even the alcoholic beverages, was paid for by the company. I wound up going out three nights (two of which were a bit wild) with the salespeople and added a few hilarious stories to my bank. For example, getting kissed by two guys in the same night from the same office, although I'm sure they weren't aware of it until the next day (they were both super wasted), watching the big boss parallel park a girl's car for her because her shite parking skills became a bit of a side show, having to hop up onto the hood of my friend's car to jump over my gate at 3:30am because I forgot my gate key and breaking my purse...and that's just to name a few. I never laughed so hard in all my life it seemed when my esteemed coworker and I finally saw each other at work the next day after we both partied hard the night before with a few sales guys. Recalling everything that happened and all that was said truly made the 2.5 hours of sleep, the sore throat from the cigarettes and the hangover completely worth it. It's hilarious what people say and do when they're drunk, it's even more hilarious remembering it later and making certain people feel embarrassed about it. By the end of the week everyone was looking and feeling pretty rough but we all had some hilarious times.

I loved every minute of gossip and shenanigans. I felt a bit like I was 20 again. The best part was having all these cute sales guys buying me drinks and making me laugh. A girl could get used to it, that's for sure! I definitely made some friends and hope to visit some of them in the future. Someday I'll behave, but not right now. My next big excitement is San Diego for my birthday. I can't wait!

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