Text This!

Today I feel like ripping on someone. I didn't sleep enough, as usual, and feel rather like a zombie and just think a good, condescending blog post will be just the thing I need to put some pep in my step. It's concerning one of my favorite subjects: texting and the English language. WOOHOO!

I know some people are not texters. I have been amazed to see the quality of texting go completely out the window with most guys. Perhaps if they meet up with chicks with no standards and little consciousness for intelligent conversation, they can get away with this sad, sad way of communicating. I, however, cannot stand a man who can't even use punctuation or form sentences via text. What are you, living in the stone age? Do you not know how to use a phone? Do you have ridiculously fat or stiff fingers? Do you detest texting? (in which case, just call!) Do you not care? Are you even capable of speaking English intelligibly?

Here are some stellar samples of crap texts:
"Would u like to leave with me"
"Was she with her x"
"Hmm y"
"i like booty's"
"take family to airport"
"me to. igatta be up at6"
"cani ask hold old u r?"

WOW! Just wow! These are original text messages. Perhaps this doesn't appall you as it does me, but I can't believe people text like that. They could be rocket scientists, but their complete disregard for the English language and lack of respect for the recipient is just disgusting. It utterly offends me. I take the time to write intelligent, well punctuated, full sentences and CORRECT my mistakes. Now I wonder if it's just a waste of flipping time...I guess if I ever start talking to yokels from dating sites or from Mill Cue Club again...

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