Even though life can be a bit boring here, I'm enjoying my time in Deutschland. I'm getting to live life. No work and very little class makes me happy. I get to chill. I met a new sprachtandem partner. It's kinda awkward at first to meet people like that, but I need to make more German connections. Chris, the Nigerian/German med student, told me about her. Her name is Tina too! I'm also glad the people in my dorm don't suck. Karma and Maciej are awesome to hang out with. Their fussball team ain't so bad either. Hanging out with a bunch of cute German guys never leaves you feeling blue...even though today it was so freaking cold and rainy! It sucked! The fussball field was completely wet and nasty. But Yao and I of course had fun watching the game. And afterwards, as the guys were showering, we went into this gymnasium that's right next to the field and there was a dance class going on (for 40+ couples!). It was SO cute! The lady who was teaching told Yao and I we could join so we did. We learned to Rhumba (pick a rhumba from 1 to 10...hardy har har) and Mambo. It was sweet. I need to take up dancing again. It's so much fun. The only problem is that you need a guy partner. Maybe I'll force a cute boy to sign up with me. But boy was it fun. All in German! Craziness!

This weather has really gotten me down. I wish I could enjoy it but it's been rainy and shitty almost every day since Dad and Aunt Peg got into town. I was playing lots of frisbee, basketball, and biking all over and now I've been feeling so lazy and depressed. I also haven't been sleeping too well. And I'm almost completely freaking out because I NEED A JOB! I'm going to run out of money here if I don't get one and soon! And when I'm in Chicago I can't really work because summer camp will already have started so WTF am I going to do??? I need to find a rich guy to pay for me. Polish Pete comes close, but he's such an Arsch. But he is generous. He called me to ask me why Angela hadn't called him back or some shit. LIKE I KNOW OR CARE!!! Maybe he really wants to get her in bed or maybe he really likes her, but I warned him about her. Not to go so overboard. But oh well. It'll be his own fault. She goes back to America so what'll he do then? Cry every night? I hope so. Men can be such idiots. But I'll find someone...I just hope sooner than later. I'm getting sick of being on the lookout. I just want someone to be interested in ME for a change and actually fucking ASK ME OUT! But guys are shy. It doesn't make sense, but I guess they are. Whatever. Germans are weird. Who knows what they're thinking. I sure as hell don't.

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